WordPress Event: WordCamp Kansai 2014

WordCamp Kansai 2014の公式ページが、2014年3月31日に公開されました。

WordCamp Kansai 2014


2014年4月4日 木谷

Web site for WordCamp Kansai 2014 was updated on 31st March, 2014 and the registration for participation was started.

According the registration page, the registration fee is 2,000 yen per 2 days.
The sessions for various persons interested to WordPress (Programmer, Designer, Blogger, and so on) will prepare.
I interested the unconference and the contributor day. Especially, the WordPress contributor day in WordCamp is the first time in Japan. And I have been serving as the executive committee member (public relations team) for WordCamp Kansai 2014.
I would like to warm up the exciting WordCamp!

4th April, 2014 Kitani.




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